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Usability Studies

Some examples of reporting the results of various usability studies.

1. iPad patient kiosk application. A loaned iPad enables patients to fill out and sign forms that are typically paper based. Primarily a formative study, several quantitative metrics were collected and analyzed. This is a medium level of formal reporting.

Patient Kiosk internal study

2. Powerpoint presentation of the patient kiosk study results to the development team and upper management.

Kiosk Results Presentation

3. Attaining certification for Meaningful Use Phase 2 required a demonstration of a user centered design process. The US governing body decided to use formal, summative (quantitative) usability studies as this demonstration, requiring studies of 7 electronic health record functions that can impact  patient safety, reported in NIST common industry format. This is the final report for electronic prescribing.

Electronic Prescribing Formal Report