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Financial Services Enterprise Rewards Feature

Enterprise Rewards are the various incentives for opening a new account for potential customers. For example, open a savings account and deposit $10K by March 1st and receive a $150 cash back bonus. Customers often call with questions about the incentive – when will I receive my cash back bonus?, how much more do I need to deposit?, your site says I do not qualify for a cash back bonus: why? – and the call center agents needed a feature to easily determine these answers.

The initial design provided this information, however formative usability testing revealed that a significant portion of users had various difficulties quickly finding the correct answers. 
Enterprise Rewards early design
This prompted several design iterations eventually resulting in a design that users found much easier to understand and could quickly determine the answers to customer questions. This was accomplished by visual rearrangement of fields, extensive rewording, improved grouping, and improvements to the labeling and clarity of the infographic that answers the top 6 commonly asked questions.

Enterprise Rewards final design